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At Blanco Family Dental, we strive to create a welcoming environment that offers exceptional patient care, and leaves you feeling calm and at ease. We believe in creating life-long relationships based on trust. We want to elevate your dental IQ with excellent patient education, and give you the smile of your dreams.

We are a Family Friendly Dentist in Torrance, and we are accepting new patients. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Blanco Family Dental

Meet the Doctors

The doctors of Blanco Family Dental are dedicated to delivering dentistry in Torrance that will allow you to view yourself in the mirror with renewed confidence.

We are inspired by a combination of philosophies to ensure the experience we provide is unrivaled.

When we look to set the benchmark for high quality dentistry, the professionals that inspire us to do so are Dr. Christian Blanco and Dr. Alicia Wolf.

Dr. Blanco’s desire to become a dentist was born from his early experiences in managing his own dental health. Experiencing the wonder of possessing a healthy smile was the catalyst that encouraged him to launch his dream.

Dr. Blanco attended UNLV where his passion for dentistry grew along with his experience. He trained in numerous disciplines in the field to strengthen his competence and skills. With years of experience in hand, he remains one of the top dental care professionals in the area.

Dr. Blanco’s expertise is also complemented by the work and dedication of Dr. Alicia Wolf. She also graduated from UNLV and has consistently provided numerous patients the privilege to experience her talents.

The dental artistry of Dr. Blanco and Dr. Wolf, combined with the dedication of our staff, allows us to provide consistent and outstanding care. Every day is an anticipated occasion for us to rejuvenate and transform your smile.

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